TEAM NUCA is a points-based rewards program for NUCA members who refer outside organizations to NUCA membership.  TEAM NUCA members receive special gifts, privileges at NUCA events, and recognition.

How do I become a member of TEAM NUCA?

Just call 703.358.9300 and tell a NUCA staff member whenever you recruit a new member. Any member who earns six or more points in a calendar year is considered a member of TEAM NUCA for that year, and receives the following benefits in addition to the public recognition above:

  • An invitation to the annual, exclusive TEAM NUCA Party at the Annual Convention,
  • Special badge to wear at all NUCA meetings/events showing that you are a member of TEAM NUCA,
  • Annual TEAM NUCA recognition gift.

How do I gain points?

Points are awarded as follows:

  • Five points for the sole recruitment of a new NUCA member (any type, any category – but must be a first-time member or former member who has not been a member of NUCA or a NUCA chapter for at least three years).
  • Three points for the shared recruitment of a new member. Collaboration is often key to recruitment success – and any partner in that success is encouraged!
  • One point is awarded annually for the consecutive retention of those members.

Note: Points are only awarded if personal contact is made with a prospect prior to joining. You must inform NUCA that you successfully recruited the member. One point is awarded annually for the consecutive retention of those members.

How will I be recognized?

Your name, company name, state and number of points earned will be listed and/or recognized in:

  • Utility Contractor Magazine twice a year and monthly in a link to the NUCA Report e-newsletter
  • NUCA’s website through the TEAM NUCA button at
  • Program Guide and slideshow at the Annual Convention/EXPO
  • Awards Luncheon at the Washington Summit

You will also received appreciation gifts each year at the NUCA Annual Convention from Walk On level and higher.

What are the lifetime TEAM NUCA membership levels?

Membership Level Points Required
Bench Warmer
0 points
Practice Squad
1-4 points
Walk On
5-19 points
Red Shirt
20-49 points
Varsity Red
50-74 points
Varsity Blue
75-99 points
Team Captain
100-149 points
150-249 points
League MVP
250-499 points
500-749 points
National MVP
750-999 points
Player for the Ages
1000 or more points