TEAM NUCA was started in March of 2011 to recognize NUCA members who successfully introduce others to membership in NUCA.  Those who earn 5 or more points a year are considered members of TEAM NUCA.


Membership Level Points Required
Bench Warmer
0 points
Practice Squad
1-4 points
Walk On
5-19 points
Red Shirt
20-49 points
Varsity Red
50-74 points
Varsity Blue
75-99 points
Team Captain
100-149 points
150-249 points
League MVP
250-499 points
500-749 points
National MVP
750-999 points
Player for the Ages
1000 or more points

Red Shirt 20-49 Points

Alex Kocher from Western Summit Constructors, Colorado- 23 points JJ Branstatter from Andrewglen Developers LLC, Colorado- 20 points

Walk On 5-19 Points

 Jeff Giltner from Moody Insurance, Colorado- 15 points Ryan Schmitt from Petticoat-Schmitt Civil Contractors, Florida- 15 point
 Al Heckmann from Heckmann Sales and Leasing, Ohio- 10 points Chad Reed from Teal Construction, Inc., Delaware- 10 points Jim Easterly from Tetra Tech Construction Services, Arizona- 10 points
Judd Gleason from Rudolph Libbe, Ohio- 10 points Kara Habrock from LG Roloff Construction, Nebraska- 10 points Sarah Capriocci from United Rentals, Colorado- 10 points
Tom Quinnan from Leeward Construction, Inc., Pennsylvania- 8 points Felipe Lofaso from Foster Marine Contractors, Florida- 5 points David Lustig from Garney, Colorado- 5 points
Rick Davis from Mountain Valley Contracting, Colorado- 5 points  John Kalkoven from Titan Utilities LLC, Oregon- 5 points John Kirkland from AJ Johns, Florida- 5 points
 Paul Clements from Tri-State Construction, Washington- 5 points  Thomas Butler from Ripa & Associates, Florida- 5 points Jason Donnelly from Trench Shoring Company, Nevada- 5 points
Robert Draper from FL Showalter, Inc., Virginia- 5 points Roger Brady from Trench Shoring Company, Nevada- 5 points Greg Hasty from Sitech SE, Florida- 5 points 
 David Bramble from David A. Bramble, Inc., Maryland- 5 points Jim King from Gene Lilly Surety Bonds, Nebraska-5 points Art Peterson from Bradbury & Stamm, New Mexico- 5 points
Nicholas Lillquist from United Rentals, Delaware- 5 points Travis O’Leary from Richie Brothers Auctioneers, Nevada- 5 points Tim Smith from Dallas One Const. & Dev., Florida- 5 points
Andrew Pendroncelli from MWI Inc., New Mexico- 5 points Tom O’Rourke from Underground, Inc., Nevada- 5 points Ed Porter from Barco-Duval Engineering, Florida- 5 points
David Rice from Rice Construction, Nevada- 5 points Cara Halloran from Glenn Johnston Inc., Pennsylvania- 5 points Buddy Byrd from Byrd Underground, Nevada- 5 points
John Giese from JRGO LLC, Florida- 5 points Bill Kukurin from Kukurin Contracting Inc., Pensylvania- 5 points Lewis Long from Volvo Construction Equipment, North Carolina- 5 points

Practice Squad 1-4 points

 John Cavanaugh from Central Clay Products, Inc., Pennsylvani- 3 points  John Thompson from United Rentals, Colorado- 3 points  Ken Malonson from Park Construction Corp., North Carolina- 3 points
 Eric Olsen from Park Construction Corp., North Carolina- 3 points