August Recess Challenge

august recess challenge

The seven-week Congressional recess starts from July 28 and runs through September 4. This is the best time to reach your Representatives and Senators in their home districts and make NUCA’s priorities known.


Government Relations Handbook

August Challenge Form

NUCA’s Advocacy Center

Meet with the most Members of Congress before Labor Day and win free registration to NUCA’s 2018 Washington Summit!

Take advantage of this opportunity to engage with your Senators and district representatives to talk about your business, your priorities, and how they will benefit your district. The congressional recess is, by far, the best time to connect with your Senators or Representatives in your districts. And your Members of Congress relish the opportunity to meet with businesses and constituents, seeing both as an opportunity to win votes for re-election.

Your representatives will be more accessible during this recess than at any other point during the year, allowing you to tell them about our industry and the challenges you face every day.

How to Enter:

Schedule a meeting with any Member of Congress between 7/28/17 and 9/4/17. Meetings with your Representatives or Senators should promote NUCA’s Government Affairs advocacy priorities—those that directly affect your business and your industry. You can connect with your members in many ways:

  1. Schedule a formal meeting your Representatives’ or Senators’ offices.
  2. Attend a political fundraiser
  3. Invite lawmakers to your jobsite to meet your crews, foremen and supervisors, and senior management, most of whom are also constituents. Give lawmakers a first-hand look at the pipe you are pulling out of the ground and show them how certain burdensome regulations have affected your business through layoffs or in other negative ways.


How to Win:

The individual or chapter who meets with the most Members of Congress will win a free registration to the 2018 Washington Summit.

Submit Your Entry:

Meet with your representative and advocate industry priorities. Fill out and submit this form and send via email,

Need help scheduling a meeting?

Check out the “How to Get Involved” section (p. 42) of the GR Handbook. Visit NUCA’s Advocacy Center find out which Member of Congress represents your district, and find phone numbers and addresses for district offices. Need some advice about scheduling a meeting? Email for help.


1) To be considered for the prize, a minimum of 2 meetings must be reported.

2) Meetings must take place between 7/28/17 and 9/4/17.

3) Complete and submit the attached form for each meeting by 9/30/17.

4) Attach a photo to the submission and/or post about the meeting to social media to receive additional credit ( ¼ meeting credit for photos or postings)

NUCA’s Government Affairs has grown significantly over the past few years in part because of a resurgence of activism by you, the members. Developing participation in the August Recess Challenge is the next step in propelling NUCA’s Government Affairs forward and increasing our effectiveness on Capitol Hill because it illustrates our reach and the strength in our numbers. Please take the time to set up a meeting and help NUCA promote you on Capitol Hill.