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earhart-a-smallAmelia Rose Earhart | Learning to Love the Turbulence: Embracing Difficulty and Change Once Your Goal is Airborne
Named by the Jaycees as one of the “Top Ten Young Americans,” Amelia Rose Earhart re-created and symbolically completed the 1937 solo flight of her namesake, Amelia Mary Earhart. Her flight around the world became a symbol of determination, courage, and empowerment. Amelia will share how to find “True North” and challenge you to discover your identity and passions, set specific goals, and follow through. Amelia is the president of the Fly With Amelia Foundation, a breaking news and traffic reporter with Denver’s NBC affiliate, and produces the math and science oriented series, STEM Superstars, which features exceptional schools, teachers, and students.



Sergeant Matt Eversmann | Dedication, Pride, & Commitment: Leadership Lessons From Black Hawk Down
Matthew Eversmann is an American hero and former U.S. Army Ranger. As part of a UN peacekeeping mission in 1993, Eversmann was one of the outnumbered American servicemen who fought for survival for 18 hours until a rescue convoy could arrive. During his military service, Eversmann received many awards, medals, and commendations, and was also the basis for the Josh Hartnett role in the Academy Award-winning 2001 blockbuster movie, Black Hawk Down. Eversmann has also co-written a book about the battle and his personal memories and experiences of it called The Battle of Mogadishu: Firsthand Accounts from the Men of Task Force Ranger.


Business Presentations

Economic & Utility Construction Overview | Mark Bridgers
Mark Bridgers is a consultant to the design and construction industry and leads a Utility Vertical Market team. He works primarily with gas/electric utilities, power generators, pipeline companies, and energy companies to support the planning, design, and constitution of capital assets. Mark will introduce the audience to the likely economic landscape they will face over the next two years and share insights into how contractors can successfully and nimbly navigate through this environment. Mark will discuss how President Trump, as “Constructor in Chief,” will drive energy and infrastructure construction; how GDP, unemployment, inflation, and political factors will impact the construction industry and utility contractors; how the financial tools and techniques used by the Federal Reserve to stave off financial collapse and actions anticipated in 2017 will impact access to construction finance; and much more.

lee-and-terry-resnickAssuring the Successful Continuation of Your Family Business |Leon and Terrance Resnick, Resnick Associates
Business owners will learn tools and strategies necessary for business succession, wealth preservation, and eventual transition of assets. Typically, the more successful business owners are, the more vulnerable they become. Learn the techniques to combat those vulnerabilities and assure your business remains successful. Leon B. Resnick and Terrance K. Resnick are partners in Resnick Associates, a nationally recognized estate planning, business succession, and life insurance advisory and implementation planning firm.

Hiring and Retaining the Right People | Gregg Schoppman, FMI
The construction industry has an insufficient quantity of quality workers, and the industry does not seem to attract the younger generation. Gregg will discuss effective recruiting strategies, pinpoint elements to watch for when hiring quality people during the recruiting process, identify leadership styles that motivate people, and explore common mistakes that companies may make when addressing employee retention.


Educational Breakout Sessions

Hot Topics in OSHA Compliance | George Kennedy
In an open forum environment, NUCA’s VP of Safety George Kennedy will discuss the most pressing regulatory safety issues facing our industry and address your questions regarding best practices for complying with new and upcoming OSHA regulations. Bring your questions for assistance with complying with the OSHA regulations that concern you most.

Overcoming Under-Designed Projects Due to Inadequate Soils Engineering | Tom Olson
Encountering unanticipated site conditions not only cause headaches, but lost time and money due to reduced productivity and downtime. How can contractors effectively complete a project when soil engineers have provided you with significantly under-designed specifications? Real construction project scenarios will illustrate ways to protect your company from blame and receive reimbursement for costs incurred as a result of under-designed projects.

Social Media for Contractors | Jamie Wolf
Social media can level the marketing playing field for many small companies, allowing them to increase their visibility and run with the big dogs. Learn how to best leverage your social media presence by finding and selecting appropriate content and determining what is and is not appropriate to post in the B to B social media environment. Ms. Wolf will also discuss how social media can assist in creating thought leadership and increasing your business’s visibility and media presence.

New Technologies Showcase | TBA
This session will cover how emerging technologies are improving project efficiency, as well as the concepts and applications under development for future projects: virtual and augmented reality, drones and self-driving vehicles, light detection and ranging for 3D jobsite imaging, and real-time company data sharing.

Trenchless Technology from the Contractors’ Perspective | Dr. Tom Iseley, Director, and Saleh Behbahani, Trenchless Technology Center, Louisiana Tech University
This 3-hour interactive session , led by moderators Dr. Tom Iseley and Saleh Behbahani, will cover the newest technologies and their applications in the field. Panel instructors are leading experts in their sectors of the trenchless technology industry.

Topics and Speakers
• Horizontal Auger Boring: Dr. Tom Iseley and Dan Liotti, CEO, Midwest Mole
• Microtunneling: David Ellett, VP, BRH-Garver Construction Ray Post, VP, Huxted Tunneling
• Pilot Tube Microtunneling: Troy Stokes, International Sales Manager, Akkerman Jeff Boschert, President, National Clay Pipe Institute
• Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD): Kevin Miller, President, Miller Pipeline
• Fundamentals of Pipe Bursting: Michael E. Woodcock, Portland Utilities Construction Co.


NUCA Institute Core Programs

Fundamentals of Safety Management | George Kennedy
This interactive, open forum session from the NUCA Institute for Leadership Development is a must-attend program for your company’s management. Learn the fundamentals of establishing and implementing a successful safety program and receive expert instruction from one of the foremost authorities in utility construction safety—NUCA Vice President of Safety George Kennedy. Mr. Kennedy joined NUCA in 1991 and developed NUCA’s safety program into one of the most respected and comprehensive in the industry by creating the first program to train Competent Persons for Excavations, developing the NUCA’s Instructor Training Program, advising thousands of contractors, and working to keep the industry informed and in compliance with OSHA regulations.

NUCA’s Crew Leader Training | Greg Strudwick
Normally delivered as a two-day $750 course, Crew Leader Training is designed to transform new and experienced employees into great crew leaders. The course will offer insight on how to be a better communicator, team builder, problem solver, and decision maker; how to maintain a safe work environment in compliance with company and regulatory policies; and how to effectively plan and control the resources needed to get the job done on schedule and on budget. Attendees must reserve a place in Crew Leader Training when registering for convention. Enrollment limited to 25 students.