Pipelayer Training

Pipe laying is a competitive, high-production business. A well trained crew will work efficiently, avoid costly installation mistakes, and boost your bottom line. To reach this level of performance, individual know-how and teamwork are critical.

Developed by NUCA’s Foundation for Education and Research, the pipe installation training program covers the fundamentals of water and sewer pipe installation using modern equipment and technologies. These programs can help your crews to work together safely and productively. Through our partners at VISTA Training, we are pleased to offer Chapter 1 (Job Layout), Chapter 2, (Excavations, Trenching, Manholes, and Backfilling), and Chapter 3 (Working with Pipe) on CD.



Pipelayer Chapter  1:
Job Layout
Pipelayer Chapter 2: Excavations, Trenching, Manholes & Backfilling  Pipelayer Chapter 3:
Working with Pipe
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