Action Alerts!


NUCA needs you to let Congress know your opinion!

This is NUCA's list of current Legislative Action Alerts. Click on the link to take action via our online Muster advocacy program. It's easy to do, and we've already written a suggested response you can send to your Congressional lawmakers. Take two minutes to help convince lawmakers to take the right action and help your company and your industry.

Active Alerts:

Support the LIBERTY Campaign! This grassroots pro-business campaign supported by NUCA seeks to find common ground on uncontroversial border enforcement and immigration law reforms supported by both parties. (Active May 4--December 31, 2023)

Support the Lower Energy Costs Act (HR 1)! This bill supported by NUCA reforms the federal permitting process, with realistic timelines, guardrails for legal challenges, and much-needed updates to NEPA. (Active March 30 - July 1, 2023)

Support the Fair and Open Competition Act (HR 1209/S 537)! This bill supported by NUCA will stop government mandated Project-Labor Agreements (PLAs). (Active March 1 - July 1, 2023)



These are archives of past advocacy Action Alerts from NUCA. These alerts are no longer active, but they are preserved as PDF documents for historical use. 

September 2022: Sent to U.S. House and U.S. Senate, Say No To Suspending the Gas Tax
November 2021: Sent to all U.S. House, Vote Yes for America's Infrastructure
September 2021: Sent to all U.S. House, Vote Yes on H.R. 3684
August 2021: Sent to all U.S. Senate, Vote Yes on the Infrastructure Package 
July 2021: Sent to all U.S. Senate, Oppose the PRO Act in Committee
April 2021: Sent to all U.S. Senate, Support FOCA Letter to Senate EPW Committee
April 2021: Sent to all U.S. House, Support FOCA Letter to House T&I Committee
March 2021: Sent to all U.S. House, Tell the U.S. House - Stop the PRO Act!
March 2021: Sent to all U.S. Senate, Support FOCA Letter to Senate EPW Committee




If you're a NUCA member, your Washington government affairs team urges you to sign up to receive our Muster advocacy alerts. These emails will alert you to pending legislative action where your opinion can make a difference.

It's easy to sign up via the link above. Use your personal address if you can do so, since this program sorts your particular members of Congress via your voter registration address. But business addresses work just as well to receive our alerts.