BigIron Focus Auction

Support The NUCA Foundation--And Get A Great Return on Your Aging Equipment Fleet

September 27, 2023 Focus Auction
Deadline to list equipment: September 1, 2023

BigIron Auctions has partnered once again with the NUCA Foundation to host a Focus Auction Fundraiser. Get a great return on the sale of your unused equipment through NUCA National Partner BigIron Auctions. BigIron will create your listing, market your surplus equipment (listed and sold from your location), and collect buyer payments.

A percentage of the proceeds will be donated to the NUCA Foundation for Education & Research.

But act fast: the deadline to list your equipment is September 1, 2023!

Contact BigIron at 1-800-937-3558 or to list your equipment.
NUCA member benefit and foundation fundraiser auction most asked questions:
When is the auction?
o Auction Day: September 27, 2023
o Deadline to complete listing: September 1, 2023
Where is the auction?
o It’s an online auction at
o It’s a timed auction and Items are published for bids 21 days before auction close on September 27, 2023
o It’s free to register and become a bidder.  
How will the auction benefit me and my company?
o Discounted auction rate, which means more money for you and your company. 
   -- If your auction items bring less than $100K in total sales = 9% discounted rate with BigIron donating 0.5% of the sale.
   -- If your auction items bring more than $100K in total sales = 8% discounted rate with BigIron donating 1% of the sale. 
   --  The more you auction, the BETTER the discount and the BIGGER the donation.
o All inclusive, no additional fees will be charged for lien search fees, title fees, Carfax fees. (More money for you!)
o Full Service - we come to you and take care of everything. One phone call to BigIron and you’re done, 1-800-937-3558 or go to  (More money for you!)
o No transportation cost - No need to move equipment from where it is currently located.  We sell “as is, where is” and buyer is responsible for picking up equipment. (More money for you!)
o No buyer’s premium. (More money for you!)
o We collected all payments within 48 hours, and you receive funds within 14 days or faster if bank wire. (More money for you!)
Will I have to give up any of my proceeds as a donation to the NUCA Foundation?
o No, this is a donation out of BigIron Auction’s proceeds to the foundation. (More money for you!)
o You will be asked to donate nothing unless you are wanting to be generous and contribute on your own.
Will it benefit our local chapter/foundation?
No, this is a NUCA National special auction.
o BigIron can help facilitate your chapter’s own fundraiser by contacting your local BigIron rep at 1-800-937-3558.
Can I put my personal equipment in this auction?
o Yes, we will need a separate agreement completed in your name. (Please use the same NUCA Auction Agreement form provided for your company's assets.) (More money for you!)
o Consider getting rid of that old Car, Truck, RV, Boat, Motorcycle, Tractor, Plane, …etc. you have sitting around.
For best auction results:
o Contacting BigIron before September 1, 2023, at 1-(800) 937-3558 or go to  
o Clean equipment as if you were considering buying it yourself.
Fresh battery, no jump starting.
o Repair or replace any defective or missing parts.
o Fully operational sells best.  
o If titled, have title in hand for sales rep.
o Add additional marketing.  For a fee, you can purchase additional targeted marketing.

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BigIron is a Proud
Sponsor of NUCA!
Long-time NUCA member Chris Duininck had a terrific experience with NUCA's year-end 2022 Focus Auction.
Watch his personal testimonial (1:51).

Download the September 27 auction flyer:


Equipment listing deadline: Sept. 1, 2023
Auction published online, open for bids: Sept. 6, 2023
Auction closes to higest bidder: Sept. 27, 2023