NUCA Awards Deadline Extended To 1/17

Winning a NUCA award isn't just about the award winner.
Over the weekend, NUCA extended the deadline for members to send in their applications for our several awards, including Top Jobs and Ditchdigger of the Year. The new deadline is Friday, January 17th. We received a good number of them before January 5th, but we also received several pleas from members to extend the deadline.

Recognition is not just for the award winners; it's for everyone's aspiration. I wrote today's NUCA Daily LinkedIn piece on that very thought.

Hey, we know time is tight at the end of the year, and this is a member-driven organization. We know project deadlines slip, but that's to make sure there's a quality product at the end. We care about our members and we want to publicly reward them for their good work. So we gave everyone an additional two weeks. All we ask is that you make the most of it and send us your excellence! -- Robert B.

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