The Story Behind Safety

NUCA's William H. Feather Award for safety has a long and distinguised history.
In 1979, then-NUCA President David Shevock, spoke of “a meeting of a large number of individual, sometimes head-strong, competitive and success-oriented contractors getting together to try to help each other solve the many problems facing our industry.”  This was said in regard to NUCA's annual convention, where NUCA members are honored and recognized among their peers and colleagues each year for their achievements in the industry, while joining together to confront modern issues and develop stronger and safer workforces.
A year before President Shevock's remarks on the 1979 convention gathering, the William H. Feather award was created to recognize the outstanding safety results achieved by NUCA members each year. It was named in honor of the outstanding contributions of the founding Chairman of NUCA's Safety Committee – William H. Feather (pictured to the right).
Feather Awards are bestowed upon the companies that have the best safety records according to total man-hours worked.  Winners in each category are selected on the basis of injury frequency data, a short safety management statement, and company safety program information.
Though much has changed and evolved within the industry since the late 1970s, a few things have not. The community of NUCA membership remains strong, hearty, and rich with influence. The spirit of working together to learn and solve large and small issues, across the board, local and national, remains the heartbeat of our association's gathering. And a commitment to and celebration of safety remains a featured and top honor, and will go into the hands of the highest achieving NUCA member again this year.
As we prepare for the 2020 Convention in Tucson, Arizona, let us reflect on the history of NUCA's most committed and dedicated members who came together to make waves as a unified force. Let's honor their legacy by looking ahead to the bright, safe, and unified future of the industry of tomorrow, built by leaders like you.
Make sure you have registered for NUCA's 2020 Convention, and plan to enjoy the company of the industry greats. Also, if your company is committed to a culture of safe work practices, reflected by a strong safety record in 2019, you are encouraged to submit an application for this distinguished award of safety.  – Meredith L.