A full list of NUCA's coalitions

A list of NUCA's coalition memberships is finally available.
Our government affairs office compiled a list of NUCA coalitions for me, and I thought it would be something interesting to share with the membership.

We're a small trade association, so in the policy battles of Washington organizations like NUCA band together with other organizations and businesses to amplify our voice and reach.

Coalitions are a time-tested method in D.C. to find like-minded organizations and work together on common legisltaive or regulatory goals. Some of these coalitions we've just joined, and others we've been part of for a while. We're also a member of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the largest pro-business organization in the nation.

We also run our own coalition, the Clean Water Council, and I invite you to go to their website and see what issues they are working towards on your behalf.

A complete list of our coalition partners and links to their websites is available via this link. --Robert B.