NUCA's Advocacy Program Almost At Full-Power

A fully operational advocacy battle star is almost within reach...
The NUCA Communications and Government Affairs offices have been working for the past few weeks--when we are not handling COVID-19 issues--to get our Advocacy pages up and running.

Through our new online Muster advocacy program, we will once again have the ability for members to send directly to their three federal lawmakers their comments on pending legislation. Many other associations are able to do that, and we will soon be in their ranks as well!

This is a project that I have wanted to do for a while, and with our Government Affairs department staffed up and fully functioning, we are almost ready for its use.

We are in the testing phase right now with select NUCA Chapters and hope to roll out the new NUCA Advocacy program in the weeks ahead. Congress needs to hear from our members about the infrastructure bills they need to pass to rescue our nation's economy! --Robert B.