NUCA's New Blog!

For 2020, NUCA is creating a staff blog.
NUCA at workBlogs have been around for a while. In fact, they predate social media by a few years. But when your organization has a growing swirl of activity, news, webpages, social media, and events across a wide spectrum of topics, a blog still can be the best way to convey the right message, concisely and quickly.

They're also fun to write.

To open the fourth decade of the 21st century, NUCA's various departments will be collaborating on the new NUCA Blog. Our first task will be to think of a more interesting name for this page.

We will have a number of staff contributing to this page on a daily basis, providing you with news about your association and our industry. Starting in January 2020, expect this page to start buzzing with activity.

Bookmark it on your desktop or your smartphone. -- By Robert B.