The strength of this organization stands with its volunteer network. Volunteer to participate in one or more NUCA committees - see list below.

Bring your vision, ideas, and voice to help us better serve our fellow members and the industry.

Chapter Officers Council: a forum for NUCA Chapter Officers to share information with one another on issues affecting their chapter’s activities and to learn about NUCA programs that benefit members. 
NUCA Contact: Doug Carlson

Chapter Executive Directors Council: a forum for NUCA’s affiliated chapter’s executive directors to share information with one another on issues affecting their chapter’s activities and to learn about NUCA programs that benefit members.
NUCA Contact: Doug Carlson

Chapter Development Committee: a forum to help foster and develop new NUCA Chapters in states and regions that do not presently have Chapter representation. Formed recently at the 2020 NUCA Convention. NUCA Contact: Meredith Leutbecker and Doug Carlson

Construction Law Committee: a forum to review, monitor and investigate new trends in contract documents, to alert contractors of potential pitfalls in these documents, and to provide resources on new contract language.
NUCA Contact: Chris Barrett

Damage Prevention Committee: A forum to keep NUCA in the forefront of the damage prevention community, which includes involvement with the Common Ground Alliance. The committee also assists in developing proactive measures to prevent damages and limit contractor liability.
NUCA Contact: Eben Wyman

Education Committee: a forum charged with developing and overseeing educational programs, not directly related to safety, that benefit utility construction and excavation industry. 
NUCA Contact: Carl Vasquez

Government Relations Committee: a forum to develop, monitor and review NUCA’s legislative and regulatory agenda.
NUCA Contact: Zach Perconti

Political Action Committee (PAC): solicits and raise funds to contribute to federal political candidates that support the legislative goals of the utility construction industry.  Members of this committee should embrace fundraising.
NUCA Contact: Doug Carlson

Recruitment & Retention Committee: is a forum charged with the development of membership and chapters within the association.  
NUCA Contact: Ken Sommer

Safety Committee: a forum to identify safety and health problems, and legislative issues that affect utility contractors and excavators, and to make recommendations about what could be done to help NUCA members address these issues and problems. The ultimate goal is to reduce costly accidents, litigation, and unnecessary regulations.
NUCA Contact: Carl Vasquez

Trenchless Technology Committee: A forum to identify problems and issues regarding the needs of utility contractors who use trenchless technology methods to perform underground utility installation and rehabilitation, and to make recommendations for addressing these issues. The committee is responsible for sharing and reviewing legislative issues that affect trenchless utility contractors. The committee is also responsible for sharing, developing and reviewing products, materials, and training aids that will assist trenchless utility contractors achieve their daily tasks effectively and efficiently in a competitive market.
NUCA Contact: Doug Carlson

Workforce Development Committee: This committee supports organizations and public events that promote industry career opportunities, shares workforce recruitment and development programs and success stories with NUCA chapters and the broader industry, provides industry-specific vocational scholarships, and seeks to create informational “Career Path Guides” for our industry.
NUCA Contact: Chris Barrett

MEMBERS: TO JOIN A COMMITTEE YOU MUST LOGIN TO YOUR NUCA MEMBERSHIP PROFILE - THE LOGIN IS AT THE TOP OF THIS WEBPAGE. Once logged into your Profile, select the committee(s) you would like to join from the My Committee link located on the left hand menu.

If you experience any issues with joining a committee please contact the NUCA Staff Liason, the main NUCA office by phone 703.358.9300, or email

Please note: You must be a NUCA member in good standing to serve on a committee. Committees may require a commitment to attend a minimum of two meetings per year. Committee members are expected to fund their own travel and hotel expenses. If an additional stand-alone meeting is scheduled, NUCA may provide partial funding for travel and hotel. In addition to meeting twice a year, monthly or quarterly conference calls may be scheduled.