Building our Future Fund

Donations of $2,500 and above to the Building Our Future Fund entitle the contributor to Benefactor recognition in the NUCA office in Fairfax, Virginia.  Four levels of recognition are currently available to NUCA members and payment plans are available. All Building Our Future donors will be recognized on the NUCA website and in Utility Contractor magazine. 
Current Building Fund Benefactors
Alex E. Paris Contracting Co., Inc. (PA)
Lyle Schellenberg (OR)
AUI, Inc. (NM)
Benjamin Media (OH)
Bituminous Insurance Companies (IL)
Bradford Barringer (NC)
Brent Scarbrough & Co., Inc. (GA)
CNA Insurance (IL)
Forsberg Construction, Inc. (FL)
Anchor Construction (DC)
NUCA of Washington (WA)
John Deere Construction Equipment Co. (IL)
Komatsu America Corp. (IL)
Kukurin Contracting (PA)
L.G. Roloff Construction (NE)
Layne Heavy Civil (IN)
Mountain Valley Contracting, Inc. (CO)
Petticoat-Schmitt Civil Contractors (FL)
Teal Construction (DE)
William A. Hazel Inc. (VA)
Dekalb Pipeline Company (GA)
Media Convention Sales, LLC (VA)
For information on donating please contact Bill Hllman, NUCA CEO.