Welcome to the NUCA Political Action Center!

Democracy is not a spectator sport. NUCA's Washington team keeps an eye on Congress' and the regulatory agencies' activities, teams up with coalitions that serve our industry and the business community generally, and rallies support when a threat or an opportunity looms. The price of democracy is constant vigilance and that's what NUCA provides the nation's underground utility and excavation contractors. From infrastructure investment, safety and regulatory issues to tax, labor, business and healthcare laws, NUCA is always there, keeping members informed. The Washington Summit and periodic Government Relations Committee meetings offer briefings on the key issues and training for visits to Congress.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get both educated and involved, which is why NUCA Advocacy Center has all the tools you need to not only learn more about your elected officials and the issues that matter to NUCA, but also to take the next step by making your voice heard and contacting your legislators. You can even brush up on your government 101 and read breaking political news.

This website is not designed to tell you what to think but rather to provide you with the resources you need to learn where legislators stand on issues, and to make your voice heard by communicating with those legislators and making a well-informed decision on Election Day. We hope you'll look to this site as a resource for further involvement, and share it with your family and friends.

By coming together, we can ensure a more prosperous tomorrow for our company and, more importantly, for our country.