Scam E-mails

July 2021:  "Membership License Verification" Scam E-mail

In early July, NUCA National received a number of queries from our membership about an email they received purporting to be from a "Thomas J. White, Assistant of Administration". The email contains a link to verify their account information and avoid "membership license suspension."

THIS IS A FRAUDULENT E-MAIL. Do NOT click on the link provided, as it is most likely a phshing scam that can cause damage to your computer or data. We recommend that you simply delete the email. Please do not forward it to NUCA.

This email is NOT from NUCA or any of our Chapters. 

Be aware of these kinds of legitimate-looking emails from email accounts not connected to the legitimate entity, such as a or other free email account.

NUCA is sending a legal cease-and-desist notice to the email account and alerted the Federal Trade Commission as to this fraudulent, illegal action by this individual or individuals.