OMB Request - August 2022

Made-In-America Provisions Affecting NUCA Associate Members
August 11 - August 19, 2022

Your assistance on providing this information to NUCA is greatly appreciated.

NUCA's government affairs staff was invited by the White House's Office of Management & Budget (OMB) in early August to provide information relevant to the made-in-America provisions in the federal infrastructure bill passed last November. OMB says they are looking for industry feedback that can help them "identify classes of construction materials, the initial manufacturing processes for each, and the current capacity of domestic manufacturers to make such materials."

You can help this effort by completeing these two short information requests and sending them back to NUCA's government affairs department by end of business, Friday, August 19th. Both documents are available via the individual links:

Nine Questions To Answer
OMB gave us a list of nine questions, and we ask that you review them and send us your answers on all that pertain to your company that you are willing and able to answer. (MS Word)

Industry Manufacturer or Supplier Product List To Answer
We also ask that you fill out the NUCA Products Matrix with all the listed products that your company manufactures or supplies. Some of you may have already received a matrix like this one – if you’re willing, please add to the information in the new columns from this revised version. (MS Excel)

Please return these two completed documents with your company's information no later than Friday, August 19th, by email to NUCA’s VP of Government Affairs Zack Perconti at

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Perconti via the email or at 703-677-6049.

Thank you again for your kind help with this important information request.