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NUCA Membership Categories

Contractor Member
  Any person, firm, or corporation engaged in excavation, site preparation, earth moving or the construction and/or rehabilitation of utility systems including, but not limited to, storm sewers, sanitary sewers and drainage systems, water lines, cables (underground communication and electric), ducts, conduits, gas lines, tunneling, boring, trenchless construction, treatment systems, pump stations and other utility construction and appurtenances thereof.

Associate Member   Any person, firm, or corporation involved in the excavation or
utility construction industry as a supplier of equipment, materials, or services
to contractors.

Institutional Member   Any school or governmental entity (local, state or federal) involved in the
utility construction and/or excavation industry.

Specialty Contractor Member   Any person, firm, or corporation that employs labor on the job site, but does not bid
or perform any utility construction or excavation work.


Why Our Members Join NUCA:

Safety & Training
NUCA has been in the forefront of safety and training for more than 50 years. We stay on top of key safety issues, so our members are never caught off guard about new regulations or changes in the law.

NUCA's Washington team keeps an eye on Congress and federal regulatory agency activities, teams up with coalitions that serve our industry and the business community, and rallies support when a threat or an opportunity for our industry looms ahead.

Networking Events
The NUCA Convention & Exhibit, Washington Summit, and Safety Directors Forum are a few examples of annual events that provide a platform for excellent networking opportunities.


Serving on a NUCA committee is a great way to gain expertise on the issues, build relationships, grow as a leader and a team member through experience, and help advance NUCA and the industry.

Working to advance your region’s utility construction industry, your NUCA Chapter offers many benefits and services. You can attend local programs, network with fellow Chapter members, discover opportunities, and participate on Chapter boards and committees.

NUCA membership confers discounts on business services such as health insurance, shipping services, long-term lodging, contracts & business documents, and other company operations.

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