NUCA Advantage

NUCA offers several unique insurance programs to our members. Be confident that you have the right benefit solutions for your organization and employees through NUCA Advantage.

Group Health Insurance
Tailor your company's health insurance coverage plan to meet your employees' needs and your cost objectives.

Group Vision Insurance
Routine eye exams are a preventive measure for overall health and wellness. We can help you provide vision plans to help employees offset the costs of routine checkups and prescribed vision correction lens.

Group Dental Insurance
Plan options can provide comprehensive coverage for regular exams, cleanings, filings, even orthodontic care or tiered coverage options, such as coverage that includes co-pays.

Keyman Insurance
Designed for key company personnel, keyman insurance is purchased and owned by a company to protect their corporate interests in the case of an untimely death of these executives or key personnel. In a small business, this is usually the owner, the founders or perhaps a key employee or two. Typical policies are 30-year term and up to 25-times the employee's annual income, Policy prices depend on underwriting and age.

Golden Handcuffs Insurance
Purchase a business insurance policy designed to retain your talented employees at your company. Golden handcuff policies are financial incentives that can become a smart tactic in retaining your company's top talent within a tight labor market. This insurance policy is typically a cash-value accumulating life insurance policy.

Contact NUCA to get started on savings for your bottom line, and better health insurance options for your employees. For more information on how to get started, please call NUCA's Member Services Manager Meredith Leutbecker at 703.358.9300 or email

NUCA Advantage is a member-benefit program. Please note that NUCA does not manage or broker these insurance options.