STAR Program

The STAR (Safety, Training, Awareness, and Recognition) Program has been developed as a tool to aid NUCA member companies in evaluating, updating, and recognizing their company's safety program and practices. Companies who volunteer to participate should see lower incident rates and accidents across the board.

Four key areas covered in the self evaluation process include:
►Records and Database Management

How does it works? Members submit the self evaluation form either online or in print. The key areas are broken into subsections that are assigned a point value. Each subsection will have specific standards that a company must meet to be in compliance with that category. The more points awarded, the higher level of STAR Membership achieved!

Levels of STAR Membership
Platinum = 276 - 240 points
Gold = 239 - 206 points
Silver = 205 - 176 points
Bronze = 175 - 139 points

The program will launch June 2022. For more information please contact Mike Flowers by email or by phone #703.358.9300.