NUCA WINS is a tool that should be on every supervisor’s or superintendent’s smartphone or tablet to facilitate on-the-spot accurate and comprehensive workplace incident reporting. 

NUCA WINS is an incident recording app that employees’ can easily operate on their mobile device to document the situation at the point-of-occurrence. In a matter of a few minutes’ incidents such as these can be easily and completely documented:
  • Injuries and Illnesses 
  • Vehicular
  • Property, Liability, Utility Strikes 
  • For Record Only 
  • Near Misses 
  • Safety Observations

NUCA WINS is designed by industry experts to prevent the negative outcomes of delayed and inaccurate workplace incident reporting. This app can help mitigate upward-spiraling claims costs, fraud opportunities, contentious utility damage claims, avoidable legal actions, and needless delays in recognizing employee health issues.

And now with the release of NUCA WINS 2.1, the app now has the ability to link, document, and track multiple incidents of different types under the umbrella of a single episode. Workplace and jobsite exception events may traverse several incidents involving different categoreis, types, or severity levels. NUCA WINS 2.1 can capture it all, making your reporting requirements easier.
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Interested members may receive time-limited user credentials to try out the NUCA WINS 2.1 app and learn firsthand how NUCA WINS helps subscribers reduce costs, eliminate paperwork, and defend against fraud and unwarranted Utility Strike and Damage claims. To download the NUCA WINS Test Drive simply click on the "Try Before You Buy" button and request your access today!

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All organizations rely on the continual flow of accurate information in support of appropriate responses and timely decision making. By implementing a real-time, point-of-occurrence incident recording app in your employees' Apple or Android mobile devices, authorized users can report a variety of events as they are happening. The NUCA WINS 2.1 app will eliminate the inaccuracy of completing incident reports at the end of the day or week when memories have faded or changed. 
If You Work In The Trenches, NUCA WINS Is The App You've Needed.

This incredibly useful jobsite app is available via an annual subscription with
NUCA's app partner Compatica.

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The path to your company's NUCA-WINS solution just got easier.

What if you could record all work-related incidents with one handheld app? 

Say Hello to NUCA WINS!

NUCA WINS records any and all types of jobsite events, including injuries, vehicular or property incidents, utility strikes, and many more.

Whether your supervisors need to document injury, damage, or safety events, they can do it all from one convenient, intuitive app, right on their tablet or smartphone. Your company will benefit from accurate and timely reporting, and receive immediate notification in case of any jobsite incidents.

NUCA WINS is your one-stop app for all adverse event recording and tracking.
NUCA WINS is the premier solution for recording worksite safety exception events, including injuries and illnesses, for record only, vehicular, near-misses and even safety observations (such as vandalism, equipment issues, and other routine jobsite incidents). 

NUCA WINS also includes a “Fit for Work Screening” capability used to identify employees who may not be fit for work based on illness, symptoms, COVID-19 exposure, impairment, or lack of proper equipment.

Need NUCA WINS tech support? 
For technical support on the NUCA WINS app, please contact our app partner Compatica.