Underground Contracting Presents Unique Challenges
  • Remote work sites and concurrent projects 
  • Potential subcontractor involvement 
  • Interaction with public utilities 
  • Diverse employee groups with varying levels of skill 

 was designed to help you, the busy utility contractor, navigate these situations.


Onsite Incident Recording in the Palm of Your Hand

NUCA WINS placed an intuitive, obvious-use app right into your supervisor's smartphone or your superintendent's tablet, helping on-the-spot accurate and comprehensive workplace incident reporting, right there at the worksite.

The NUCA WINS app's functionality includes:
  • Compete event information intake
  • Immediate text and email notifications
  • Pictures and audio recordings of incidents
  • Safety observations and near-misses 
  • Ordinary observations about jobsite 
  • Recognizing and reporting employee health issues
  • E-signed attestations and waivers
  • Incident locations, zones, and equipment choices
  • Witness statements
  • Referrals to approved clinics for injuries
  • Data required for FROI, OSHA, and all forms
  • Offline operations - connection not required to collect info
  • Supported on iOS and Android devices

Click on the button and watch our demonstration videos explaining how easy it is to use NUCA WINS for your many jobsite documentation needs.

Click on the image below to hear an important message from NUCA WINS user Kara Habrock, President & CEO of NUCA member L.G. Roloff Construction, in Omaha, Nebraska.

"With NUCA WINS, we’ve been able to quickly record utility damage incidents, employee injuries and other risk incidents right away.  Using the app has improved our claims handling process. We are more organized and efficient because of NUCA WINS. All of the incident information and photos are in one place in a timely fashion – and that has been a game-changer for us. I highly recommend this app.” 
-- Kara Habrock, President & CEO of NUCA-member L.G. Roloff Construction, in Omaha, Neb.

To Download the NUCA WINS App: