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NUCA Business Journal (Spring 2021): Pay Attention Now, Or Pay Much More Later

"Having a complete investigation with all data in one location is critical to effectively refuting a damage claim. Utility damage claims don’t typically arrive in a week or two. Sometimes, they arrive six months to a year after the incident. Companies that do not have a proven process often struggle to find their documentation when these late invoices arrive..."

Case Study: Midlands Contracting (Kearney, NE) and NUCA WINS

Midlands Contracting vice-president Brad Wegner recognized that NUCA WINS was able to easily record all types of jobsite incidents like injuries, vehicles, property damage, and safety observation, and not just utility strikes. “We’ve deployed it to our supervisors, who are able to record and report any type of event quickly and easily, right from their phone or tablet,” said Wegner.


If You Work In The Trenches, NUCA WINS Is The App You've Needed.
NUCA WINS is your one-stop app for all adverse event recording and tracking.

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 is the premier solution for recording worksite safety exception events, including injuries and illnesses, for record only, vehicular, near-misses and even safety observations (such as vandalism, equipment issues, and other routine jobsite incidents).