How To Subscribe To NUCA WINS

This incredibly useful jobsite app is available via an annual subscription with NUCA's app partner Compatica.

Click on the SUBSCRIBE NOW button to begin the registration process:

Industry members receive a substantial discount when subscribing as a NUCA member in good standing.
User Count Annual List Price Annual NUCA Member Price
10 $2,700 $1,800
20 $4,800 $3,200
30 $6,300 $4,200
50 $9,000 $6,000
100 $12,000 $9,000

Monthly subscription rates are also available.
To Download the NUCA WINS App:


NUCA WINS is your one-stop app for all adverse event recording and tracking.

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Compatica announced June 7, 2022, that all fee schedules for NUCA WINS subscription renewals and new users will remain unchanged until at least June 30, 2023.

Need NUCA WINS tech support?
For technical support on the NUCA WINS app, please contact our app partner Compatica.