Eastern Oklahoma Chapter

Hello Oklahoma Excavators & Suppliers:
There is growing interest here for starting our very own Eastern Oklahoma NUCA Chapter.
Serving us here in greater Tulsa, Green Country and areas surrounding.  Let's move the effort forward!

IMPORTANT!  Let us know that you and your company are interested in moving the chapter formation effort forward as a Founding Member. Complete and submit the Chapter Formation Interest Form. We'll be in touch shortly. 

We're your fellow contractors doing excavation and wet/dry utility construction across the state. Giving "voice" to the vital infrastructure work we do here, we aim to advance our companies and foster opportunities among us through: advocacy, networking, training, workforce development, and more. Plus fix some of those common headaches we all share as contractors.

Join NUCA today:
Sign up for Company Membership. You and up to 22 other team members can be included in the membership - it's easy and rewarding. 
We dig Oklahoma!  

Chapter Office phone: (703) 890-7805.  Email: oklahoma@nuca.com