2020 Executive Roundtables

Improving Worker Protection in the Trenches
In spite of all of the information and training regarding safe digging and trench safety, unprotected workers continue to die in trench collapses. We’ve seen OSHA increase fines and, in the last year, place criminal charges for negligent behavior on company owners. Is the training in our industry adequate and is there anything else we or regulators should be doing? What can we do as business owners to ensure that our people are safe?

Increasing and Monitoring Productivity in Utility Construction
Unlike other industries, construction has seen little to no improvement in productivity over the past eight decades. What types of strategies can be used in the utility construction industry to raise productivity? What methods and best practices can contractors use to measure and monitor productivity increases?

Effectively Implementing and Utilizing New Technologies in Construction
Technology continues to challenge construction companies to keep up with new management, financial, and estimating software; technological advancements; the “computerization” of heavy construction equipment (Tier 3 and 4 clean machines), including expected automation and “drone” implementation in heavy machinery in the next few years; and, in general, technology at every phase of construction. How can smaller companies compete with larger firms who have the resources to have “inā€house” positions (chief information officer, CIO) to address technology? Should a CIO position be a priority for small firms as well as large?