Fillable PDF Evaluation

Download PDF, fill out information, then SAVE the document when completed and please send to Mike Flowers by email:

Review each key section carefully and evaluate your company's standard practices and/or policies currently in place.  

How to score points: 
Start your review with the first point subsection (12 points). If your company meets all guidelines/practices, you can score 12 points in the text box under SCORE SECTION. If you cannot agree that your company meets all guidelines under the 12 point section move on to subsection 8 – 0. Score yourself accordingly in the SCORE SECTION text box.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you do not evaluate your company 8 points and above this is a key indicator that those areas need additional attention moving forward. The evaluation from will then be submitted to the NUCA Safety STAR Review Board; the review board may request additional documentation (i.e., supporting safety policies, mission statement, training records, etc.).as part of the overall review process prior to awarding your STAR level membership.