Utility Hit Kit

 Utility Hit Kit
Format: Kit
Language: English
Publisher: NUCA

Item Number: M-015
Shipping Weight: 3lbs. 0oz.
Price: $80.00
Utility contractors are constantly on the defensive when it comes to determining fault in cases of excavation damage. In many cases, contractors find themselves in court determining liability after underground facilities are hit. Contractors are often blamed for damages that are not their fault, and the often pay for damages that they are not responsible for. They also usually have to eat the down time incurred as a result of excavation damage.
If contractors want to challenge damage claims through negotiation with the utility company or in litigation, they need evidence to prove their case regarding utility mis-marking or failure to mark at all. Amateur photographs taken from crew members that show mis-marked facilities are a great idea, but low-quality photographs sometimes don't hold up in negotiations or in a court of law. The NUCA Hit Kit will take major steps to help contractors level the playing field when litigating damage claims. The Hit Kit is a measuring device that can clearly indicate not only that a facility is mis-marked, but exactly how far the mark is from the actual location of the damaged facility. Over 6 feet in length and bright yellow in color, the Hit Kit provides even the most inexperienced photographer with detailed information that can support a contractor's defense when dealing with damage claims