Top Jobs Competition

Top Jobs Award ImageNUCA's Top Jobs competition recognizes challenging, innovative, or unique projects completed with excellent results. 

What you will need to provide when submitting your application:

• A brief overview of the project including challenges and any construction methods, innovative ideas, or technologies used to complete the project.
• List any subcontractors and equipment, material, or service providers and how or why they were important to the success of the job.
• Benefits of the project to the client and community.
• A minimum of two photographs - maximum of five. All photographs should be reviewed by safety personnel to ensure that there are no safety hazards. Photos with with hazards or OSHA violations will not be displayed. Photos should be no larger than 300mb.

Contractors may enter construction projects in the following 10 categories:

Communications Electrical Power
Gas Distribution Oil and Gas Pipelines
Shale Gas Play Water or Treatment Plants
Water Distribution Sanitary Sewer Collection
Trenchless Technologies Excavation/Site Development

Please note: Contractors may enter the same project in more than one category or more than one project in the same category or different jobs in more than one category, but a single project may only be selected as a finalist in one category.

Associate members are not eligible to submit an application. However, if an associate member, e.g. heavy equipment company, trench protection company, or material or service provider, was instrumental in helping to resolve a problem, or helped to ensure the successful completion of the job, the company and its contribution should be included in the application.
Top Jobs trophies will presented to winners in each category during the convention.
The overall winner will be featured in the
Utility Contractor magazine and the category finalists will be featured in the NUCA Business Journal.
A press release, announcing the winner and information about the winning project, will be sent to local/regional newspapers, utility/project owners, as well as local city councils, and if requested state, and federal legislators in their districts of their choice. The release will also be sent to the local chapter for distribution where they think appropriate or where the contractor requests.

Questions on submitting an application for this award can be directed to NUCA's Chris Barrett by email or phone #703.358.9300.