Trenchless Manual

Trenchless Construction and Rehabilitation Methods, 5th Edition

As the industry continues to grow, many contractors are adding trenchless projects to their operations. Some bid trenchless projects without the proper knowledge to complete the job as specified, and or their inexperience results in major project problems and costs.
NUCA's Trenchless Construction and Rehabilitation Methods manual is in the process of being updated by the industry trenchless experts and professionals of NUCA's Trenchless Technology Committee. It is slated for completion in early 2022 and will be offered for sale to members at that time.

If you would like to learn more or to assist with the revision process, consider joining NUCA's Trenchless Technologies Committee.
The 5th edition will contain these chapters:

Ch. 1 - Introduction
Ch. 2 - Overview
Ch. 3 - Geotechnical Considerations
Ch. 4 - Auger Boring
Ch. 5 - Pipe Jacking & Utility Tunneling
Ch. 6 - Microtunneling
Ch. 7 - Guided Boring Method
Ch. 8 - Small Horizontal Directional Drilling
Ch. 9 - Large Horizontal Directional Drilling
Ch. 10 - Pipe Ramming
Ch. 11 - Pipe Bursting
Ch. 12 - Safety
Ch. 13 - Risk Management
Ch. 14 - Legal Aspects
Ch. 15 - Glossary of Terms