Trench Safety Stand Down

2021 Trench Safety Stand Down 
June 14-18, 2021


What is a Safety Stand Down?
A Safety Stand Down presents the opportunity for employers to talk directly to employees and others about safety. These Stand Downs will focus on trench & excavation hazards and reinforce the importance of using trench protective systems and protecting workers from trenching hazards.


How to Conduct a Safety Stand Down
Companies will conduct a Trench Safety Stand Down by taking a break to have a toolbox talk or another safety activity to draw attention to the specific hazards related to working in and around trenches/excavations. We ask that companies provide feedback about their Stand Down, such as when it was held, how many workers participated, how you shared information with employees. NUCA will collect the information, publicize the overall total number of participants, and publish the names of the companies that held a Trench Safety Stand Down. You can find all the appropriate documentation in the TSSD Forms section.

Recognition of Participation
For participants in the 2021 TSSD, NUCA will provide a  Certificate of Participation which will be mailed to all participating companies by the end of July 2021. NUCA will publish the list of names of participating organizations on the NUCA website and in our printed publications. Please feel free to send in any photos taken during your stand down to Meredith Leutbecker by email

Submit Online 2021 TSSD Completion Form OR Email PDF Completion Form

Participants in the 2020 TSSD (June 15-19, 2020) can still send in their participation forms to obtain a Certificate of Particpation.

If you have any questions with the online submission form please contact Meredith Leutbecker by email or by calling #703.358.9300.

Stand Down Goals
TSSD was first held in 2016 by NUCA, with OSHA joining as a partner a year later. The goal of the event is to reach out to the many workers who work in and around trenches and excavations to provide them with information about current excavation requirements and safety procedures for working in trenches. By reaching as many workers as possible we can reduce the number of fatalities and serious injuries that occur each year in our industry, and make others, such as municipal and industry workers who are also exposed, aware of these serious hazards.

Who Can Participate?
Anyone who wants to prevent trenching and excavation hazards in the workplace can participate in the Stand Down. We encourage utility construction, residential, highway construction, plumbers, military, unions, associations, educational institutes, and safety equipment manufacturers to participate. Please see the links to the right for materials to use during your Stand Down week.

2022 Trench Safety Stand Down
The 2022 TSSD will be held in June, with the final dates to be determined by fall 2021. The event traditionally occurs in mid-June, along with June 2022 being declared the third annual "Trench Safety Month".

 The 2021 Trench Safety Stand Down!

The Trench Safety Stand Down is supported by OSHA.

NUCA’s Trench Safety Stand Down is also sponsored by the Safety Ambassadors Club.


TSSD Resources:

TSSD 2021 Flyer: 8.5x11-in. Format

Buried Alive article, from Utility Contractor Magazine

NEW!  Online Trench Safety Webinars:

June 11, 2020 Trench Safety Webinar, presented by
NUCA's George Kennedy and Roco Rescue's Tim Robson.
These safety experts discuss how to stay safe in the trenches,
from initial planning to daily inspections.

June 18, 2020 OSHA - ASSP Trench Safety Stand-Down Webinar: Download here.
This online webinar aims to increase awareness of trench and excavation hazards and reinforce the importance of using trench protective systems to safeguard workers. Scott Ketcham, Director of OSHA’s Directorate of Construction, will provide an overview of the National TSSD, sharing statistics on trench fatalities and violations of OSHA’s standards.
Mike Hayslip and Steve Stock, representing the American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP), will also share suggestions on how contractors and workers can conduct excavation and trenching operations safely by following subparts of 29 CFR 1926, as well as the best practices described in industry consensus standards such as ANSI/ASSP A10.12.

TSSD Forms:

Preparing for the TSSD

Submit TSSD Online Completion Form
Submit PDF Completion Form

TSSD Sign-in Sheet

Additional Trench Resources:

Daily Excavation Checklist

Excavation Trench Safety Presentation

Trench Safety Handout

Trench Safety Toolbox Talk:
English | Spanish


OSHA Trench Safety Links:

Trenching and Excavation Safety – OSHA Pub #2226

OSHA Fact Sheet – Trenching and Excavation Safety: English | Spanish

Working Safely in Trenches: English | Spanish

Trench Safety Poster: English | Spanish